G5 History/Geography Tests
  • G5 History/Geography Tests

G5 History/Geography Tests

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Tests for Homelands of North America.

35 tear-out pages. Includes 13 unit tests and a final exam. Answers may be found in the teacher's manual.

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This textbook discusses the history of United States and Canada from pre-colonial times to modern days. American Indian culture, conditions in Europe leading to American colonization, explorations, early colonies, new governments, the spread of North American civilization, and more is taught from a Biblical perspective.

Geographical knowledge and map making is emphasized in this course. Indian tribe distribution, early American settlements, westward expansion routes and patterns, modern political borders and geographical regions, and more is reinforced with exercises requiring students to fill out blank outline maps. The twenty basic outlines maps are in the back of the pupil's textbook and may be copied or traced as needed.

Over 280 maps, illustrations, and photographs are shown in color and black and white. Study exercises are included for each lesson. There are 78 lessons, plus 13 reviews.

A separate test booklet contains the 14 tests.

The hardcover teacher's manual contains a reduced copy of each pupil's page, as well as copies of the tests with the answers filled in. Surrounding the pupil's pages are the answer key, main points, and other helpful information.

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