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Eagerness fades into exhaustion as Tanisha brings chaos to her caring foster family.

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Thirteen-year-old Twila Hammond looked forward to having another foster child join their family. She knew what they were getting into. After all, she had two adopted siblings, and their family had fostered children before.

The social worker warned that this foster child would bring extra challenges due to the trauma and neglect she had experienced. But when little Tanisha arrived, beautiful, charming, and eager to please, Twila's fears vanished. Tanisha fit right in and seemed to adjust well.

Then things started to go wrong. No one could explain Tanisha's blank, uncooperative moods, her unyielding antagonism toward Mother, and her seeming delight in causing trouble and hurting others.

Exhausted and sometimes misunderstood, Twila and her family set out on a journey to find help and hope. How will God bring healing not only to the small wounded newcomer, but also to Twila and the rest of the family?

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