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"Whom Shall I Fear?" more info...
"Whom Shall I Fear?"
Price: $19.10
Claudine daily faces the uncertainty of the future, struggling with her fears, even considering the possibility of giving up the faith to avoid suffering the separation of their family. Taken from a psalm, the words "Who shall I fear?" become the moment-by-moment question and decision point in her life.


A Small Price to Pay more info...
A Small Price to Pay
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Price: $22.70
Living in the Soviet Union under cruel, atheistic communism and growing up during World War II, young Mikhail Khorev saw much suffering and death. Often homeless and near starvation, he struggled to believe in God's love. This inspiring story of how Mikhail grew to be a man of God, will move you to tears and strengthen your faith. You, too, will come to realize that everything we can give to the Christ who saves us is still


A Woman by God's Grace more info...
A Woman by God's Grace
Price: $15.40
"Anna Mary Byler spells out the practical aspects of this life. On page after page she calls wives and mothers to consider the graces that crown mundane responsibilities with resplendent success and eternal satisfaction."


The Valley Between more info...
The Valley Between
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Price: $13.00
The Sequel to Beyond the Trail


Cicada Summer more info...
Cicada Summer
Price: $15.70
Many other experiences besides the arrival of the seventeen-year cicadas made this particular summer different from any previous one for the four Bender children who lived on Weeping Birch Farm.


Cornfield Baby and Other Nature Surprises more info...
Cornfield Baby and Other Nature Surprises
Price: $15.30
Something interesting is often happening at Raber Acres, nestled at the foot of Stony Mountain in eastern Pennsylvania. Happy surprises lurk in hidden places, waiting to be found by the seven-year-old twins, Wendall and Randall.


Daryl Borrows a Brother more info...
Daryl Borrows a Brother
Price: $11.50
One great longing of Daryl's is being fulfilled. He and his parents are moving to a farm--a real farm in the country! Rocky, Daryl's pet goat, his rabbits, and Sheba, the dog, are all going along, and when the are settled in the country, Father is planning to get more animals. Daryl tosses his cap into the air in exitement.


David and Susan at Wild Rose Cottage more info...
David and Susan at Wild Rose Cottage
Price: $17.20
This second David and Susan book begins with a big surprise--a move to the mountains.


Days on the Farm with Annette and Samuel
Price: $12.30
Annette and Samuel lead the reader on a lively trail of everyday--and not so everyday--family joys and happenings.


Gone to the Zoo more info...
Gone to the Zoo
Price: $12.90
For Carol, Mark, and Philip, fun-filled vacation days are followed by school days. Cold winter days are followed by lovely spring. Each season brings special joys, work, and lessons to this happy trio of children.


Shoes on the Car and Other Stories more info...
Shoes on the Car and Other Stories
Price: $13.70
As Wesley watched Father drive out the lane, he suddenly saw a surprising thing. Mother's shoes were riding along on the back of the car! Does God care about something as small as a pair of shoes? This story will help you decide.


The Little Martins Learn to Love more info...
The Little Martins Learn to Love
Price: $12.00
Sara and Donna wonder whether they are going to like their new neighbors as well as they liked the old ones.


Wildliife on the Farm more info...
Wildliife on the Farm
Price: $12.70
For Marlin and Mervin, life on the farm is full of new and interesting events. Baby ducklings on a pond, an owl in the silo, and a rabbit family in the back yard are all a part of life on the farm.

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