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Beyond Instinct more info...
Beyond Instinct
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Price: $3.50
An interesting debate is held between a Russian Christian and an unbelieving atheist, proving the existence of God.


Beyond the Trail
Price: $22.60


Cherry Cobbler and Other Stories About Young Christians
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Price: $17.50


Cindy more info...
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Price: $23.90
Was there any hope in all the world for happiness for Cindy? Born into a non-Christian home to a mother who divorced her father, then married a divorced man who drank and mistreated the family, Cindy knew nothing of true love and security. Lying, stealing, strife, and mocking of sacred things was a way of life, but Cindy's heart cried out for peace, truth, and happiness.


The Choice is Yours and Other Stories more info...
The Choice is Yours and Other Stories
Price: $16.90
A collection of 19 true stories with characters of all ages in the experiences of sowing and reaping, the prevailing of effectual, fervent prayer, being one's brother's keeper, the call of God, the Lord providing, and more.


The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life
Price: $9.80


Dear Princess - A Book for Girls
Price: $24.00
Jesus is calling our dear, young girls to heaven's purity. He wants every one of them to be a princess—a child of the King.

Does your heart sing? Do your lips smile? Are you happy, joyous, and lovable? These are characteristics of the King's daughter, our dear Princess.

Dear Princess addresses every young Christian girl as a princess of her King. Each chapter leads her into an understanding of a part of the Christian life through real-life experiences.

Here she will live through many familiar problems. Her heart will beat with other girls who face the same temptations that have troubled her again and again.

How can I have friends? How shall I dress? How shall I act at church? at home? with my friends? around boys?

What shall I do about my temper? Why do I feel rebellious? How shall I act when I'm not treated fairly? What shall I do when my parents don't understand me?

These any many more questions that puzzle young girls are answered in Dear Princess with understanding and sympathy. Though written to appeal to the interest and comprehension of girls in their early and middle teens, girls of all ages will find this book intensely interesting and helpful.

Dear Princess is a "how to" book that is written to lead Christian girls step by step into victorious Christian living--that happiest, most satisfying and joyous life that the heavenly Father has planned that His children shall have. It will be one of the more worthwhile books in the library of the princess.

The author is a mother of girls and has had the privilege of helping many girls through the stormy problems of the teen years. It is her sincere desire that this book will help others to true peace and victory in Jesus Christ.


The Drummer's Wife and Other Stories from Martyrs' Mirror
Price: $9.20

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