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All on a Mountain Day more info...
All on a Mountain Day
Price: $18.50
This book will captivate readers in the fourth grade and up who enjoy nature. Many younger children want it read to them over and over again.

Also available is another well-written and captivating book by the same author, titled Trapped by the Mountain Storm.


At the Little White Cabin
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Price: $15.80
Bonnie Baxter and her best friend, Bessie Small, are excited when a moving van backs up to the little old brown house on the corner.


The Beggars' Bible more info...
The Beggars' Bible
Price: $14.30
John Wycliffe is a famous Oxford professor, but he has radical ideas and a temper that are getting him in trouble. Young Arnold Hutton has troubles of his own. His family is poor and he will have to either go to the fields or work for the abbot who feeds his dogs better than his servants. Arnold wants to be a scholar and decides to run away.

In Oxford, Arnold hears Wycliffe teach and is inspired by Wycliffe's ideas that everyone should be able to read the Bible, even those who can't read Latin. People like Arnold and his family. But Wycliffe's enemies are gathering evidence. They send spies to his lectures and encourage the Oxford students to riot in the streets. Will Arnold and his friends be able to convince Wycliffe that he is in danger? Will they be able to save the Bible that has been translated into English?

Join Arnold, Timothy, and Lucy as they uncover the plot against Wycliffe and help to entrust the holy Bible into the hands of beggars.


The Bible Smuggler more info...
The Bible Smuggler
Price: $16.60
William Tyndale wants to translate the Bible into English. He feels the common people of sixteenth-century England should be able to read the Scriptures for themselves. The church and government violently disagree with him.


Birds at My Window
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Price: $23.10
Sequel to Eyes for Benny.


Can't You Hear?
Price: $15.50


A Captain for Hans more info...
A Captain for Hans
Price: $13.80
By the 1630s in Switzerland, Anabaptists no longer faced the death penalty for practicing their faith, but persecution still prevailed. Hans Miller, a teenager, had longed to become a captain in the Swiss army, but his persecuted Anabaptist neighbors spoke of a different army and its Captain. Should Hans consider this Captain and the demands that would make on his life?


Carmi of Judea more info...
Carmi of Judea
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Price: $18.00
Black-eyed, twelve-year-old Carmi knew his father planned to hire him out to some merchant in Hebron. Surely, surely not to Tiras, the potter to whom his father showed so much kindness.

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