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Winter Days with the Treelo Triplets more info...
Winter Days with the Treelo Triplets
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Price: $18.20
Sequel to Summer Days with the Treelo Triplets.

The happy summer days of playing in the tree house come to an end. Robin, Ronnie, and Ruth take their playthings from the tree house and store them for the winter. But the triplets have no time to be sad, for new experiences await them.

Their church has opened a new Christian day school, and the triplets are eager to attend. They do not miss public school and its difficulties, but they soon find that troubles can arise in a Christian school as well.

The winter days are never dull, especially when a barn catches fire and Father rushes to the rescue. Unexpected emergencies bring disappointments, and the discomfort of the chicken pox is forgotten in some unusual surprises. Storm winds bring tons of snow, until the Treelo family is firmly encased in a world of white.

With their faithful Christian parents to guide them, the triplets have a happy and enjoyable winter.

Written for 6- to 12-year-olds.


Wildlife on the Farm more info...
Wildlife on the Farm
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Price: $15.50
For Marlin and Mervin, life on the farm is full of new and interesting events. Baby ducklings on a pond, an owl in the silo, and a rabbit family in the back yard are all a part of life on the farm.

The boys learn that a fish cannot live out of water and that a dog must be taught good habits while it is young.

They enjoy a box turtle in the garden while they share in the work on the busy farm.

Kindness, honesty, respect, and a love for God are carefully woven into this story of farm life.


The Shady Lawn Twins Learn Bible Truths more info...
The Shady Lawn Twins Learn Bible Truths
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Price: $10.30
John and Joy, the Shady Lawn Twins, learn a basic Bible truth in each of the eight stories in this book. They learn that sharing brings happiness, even if it means giving up a very special doll.


The Robin's Secret more info...
The Robin's Secret
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Price: $18.30
Meet Jane and Roy, Father and Mother, Baby Ronald, and Grandfather and Grandmother. Learn about cat chairs, Blackie, Biddy, a hurricane, and barn owls. Why does Father tell Jane and Roy a story about a family moving?

Find out why the cattle truck came, what was under the mountain, what was special about Brother Ben and Sister Clara King. Why did the children have Sunday school in a kitchen, and what did Jane and Roy see happening in their field one evening?

Sadness, sickness, hard times, troubles, and dangers are a normal part of life. But learn with Jane and Roy about God's goodness as He gives them many pleasant surprises. Be glad with them as they find Grandfather's surprise, the robin surprise, the surprise beside the stream, Neighbor Glen's surprise, and more surprises.

This story will inspire thanksgiving for God's goodness.


The Only Sister
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Price: $21.20


The Missing Popcorn and Other Stories
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List price: $16.50
Price: $15.20
You save: $1.30 (8%)


The Master's Trade more info...
The Master's Trade
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Price: $17.30
With high hopes John Rittenhouses' parents join the surge of Mennonites into the American frontier


The Little Woodchopper more info...
The Little Woodchopper
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Price: $6.50
One morning, shortly after his father's death, poor young William awakes in the middle of the forest, to find himself completely deserted through the trickery of his five heartless brothers. Left alone in the midst of strange surroundings, William turns for help to the One he had come to know as his Saviour and Friend. After two narrow escapes, he and his faithful dog, Caesar, find a lone cottage on the edge of the wood where they make a remarkable discovery.

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