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A Chunk of Asphalt and other stories for children more info...
A Chunk of Asphalt and other stories for children
Price: $5.10
Some of the stories teach simple virtues such as honesty, thankfulness, and kindness. Others tell accounts of house searches, questionings, and other harassment during the time when Uzbekistan was under the rule of the Soviet Union.


Robbie's Light more info...
Robbie's Light
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Price: $5.20
Robbie sat upon the doorstep with a pink card in his hand and his finger pointed out the words. "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."


Hannah Is a Helper more info...
Hannah Is a Helper
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Price: $5.60
A picture book that describes a day in Hannah's life. With each picture is a simple, easy-to-read description of part of Hannah's day. Hannah learns valuable lessons in being a helper and in trusting God.


Grandfather and the Ravens more info...
Grandfather and the Ravens
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Price: $6.10
With his black feathers and raucous wac, wac, wac, the raven may not be the most handsome or musical bird. But Grandfather opens his store of memories to show that while ravens can be both amusing and frustrating, they never fail to fascinate.


The Little Woodchopper more info...
The Little Woodchopper
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Price: $6.50
One morning, shortly after his father's death, poor young William awakes in the middle of the forest, to find himself completely deserted through the trickery of his five heartless brothers. Left alone in the midst of strange surroundings, William turns for help to the One he had come to know as his Saviour and Friend. After two narrow escapes, he and his faithful dog, Caesar, find a lone cottage on the edge of the wood where they make a remarkable discovery.


But Daddy, Why Did It Hurt?
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List price: $9.70
Price: $6.90
You save: $2.80 (29%)
This is a story about a little boy who lives in South America, in the country of Paraguay.


I Was A Preemie
Price: $7.50


Little Amazon more info...
Little Amazon
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Price: $8.60
Have you ever thought about becoming a missionary in a strange land? Maybe you have wanted to go on a trip to visit missionaries in other countries? Some of you have already traveled to another country, but for others of you, it may seem like a dream out of reach.

Long before going to far-off places, you can begin preparing yourself. Think about that first jet ride. Or flying in a small plane and landing on a dirt track in the jungle. What about boating up a jungle river? Or hiking through the jungle to tell a man in the next village about Jesus? Little Amazon can help prepare you by following the twelve-year-old Franklin and his family as they travel to Belize.

Enjoy Franklin's adventures and think about God's plan for your life. When God calls you, will you be ready to follow Him wherever He leads you?

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