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A Chunk of Asphalt and other stories for children more info...
A Chunk of Asphalt and other stories for children
Price: $5.10
Some of the stories teach simple virtues such as honesty, thankfulness, and kindness. Others tell accounts of house searches, questionings, and other harassment during the time when Uzbekistan was under the rule of the Soviet Union.


Across the Hedge with Aunt Merry more info...
Across the Hedge with Aunt Merry
Price: $12.00
A storybook teaching the common courtesies to primary-aged children.


Adventures of Mohan
Price: $15.20


Betsey's Wishes
Price: $19.50
A story from Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Betsey Fretz was a dreamy, wishful girl of ten. Her days were filled with the routine tasks that belonged to a girl in 1803. She and her five lively sisters helped their mother around the house and their father in the flax fields.

Secure in the love and guidance of her godly parents, Betsey knew that she was blessed. All the same, when she compared her life with others, it was hard to be content. Betsey had many wishes, but her greatest longing was to have a new dress of her very own, one that had not been passed down to her from an older sister.

But dresses began as tiny flaxseeds sown into the fresh April soil. Months of labor must pass before the women can even begin to spin the silky, soft flax fibers into linen thread. New dresses were hard-won treasures, made only for those who needed them.


Betty's Secret and Other Stories more info...
Betty's Secret and Other Stories
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Price: $16.60
Betty's secret helps her to have a happy time with her brother. That secret will work for every boy or girl who makes the choice that Betty made. What do you think that secret is?


Bible Truths With Aunt Martha more info...
Bible Truths With Aunt Martha
Price: $9.50
In a time when many question the truth of God's Word, the author reminds us of seven Biblical ordinances, woven into stories children can understand and adults can appreciate.

This book will help God's people remember what Jesus did for us, and refresh in our minds the principles He taught. Read and be strengthened.


Bread for the Winter more info...
Bread for the Winter
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Price: $8.60
The year is 1936. Reports circulate that the Russian government workers are moving from village to village, seizing anything of value for the motherland. Would they come to the Brothers' Village and take everything? What would be left to eat the coming winter? In Bread for the Winter, eight-year-old Pavel learns from his godly parents what Jesus meant when He said, "Love your enemies..."


Building with Daddy more info...
Building with Daddy
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Price: $9.20
Work and play merge together as Christopher watches Daddy build and deliver a mini barn for Mrs. Huffman, and recruits sister for a barn-building project of his own.


But Daddy, Why Did It Hurt?
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List price: $9.70
Price: $6.90
You save: $2.80 (29%)
This is a story about a little boy who lives in South America, in the country of Paraguay.


California Home more info...
California Home
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Price: $20.80
Join Olive as she and her family experience excitement, fear, and tragedy in their California home.


Chicken Chores and Open Doors more info...
Chicken Chores and Open Doors
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Price: $20.80
Paul learns to walk with God


Cornfield Baby more info...
Cornfield Baby
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Price: $17.20
Something interesting is often happening at Raber Acres, nestled at the foot of Stony Mountain in eastern Pennsylvania. Happy surprises lurk in hidden places, waiting to be found by the seven-year-old twins, Wendall and Randall.


Cousins All Around more info...
Cousins All Around
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Price: $19.50
Join the nine cousins for a year of growing and learning!


Cicada Summer
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List price: $27.50
Price: $19.90
You save: $7.60 (28%)


Come Along to the Bahamas more info...
Come Along to the Bahamas
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Price: $13.70
From the first thrilling ride in a jet to the reluctant return home ten days later, each new experience is filled with excitement and interest. Eleven-year-old Deanna tells the story of this first trip to visit Andros Island, where her brother and his wife are missionaries.

Getting lost in the Nassau airport... Tossing about in the air currents, riding in a small plane from Nassau to Andros... Learning to relate to a different culture... Picking ripe bananas for snacks... Ants... Going to school in an "air-conditioned" one-room schoolhouse... Eating rice and fish, and fish and rice... Snakes and frogs... Birds that scream in the night and buzzards that wear aprons... Catching crabs... The beautiful blue-green ocean, crystal-clear to the bottom... Friendly natives... Noises in the night... Sunshine and rain surprises.

Through every experience, Deanna and her family sense the loving hand of God, leading and caring for His children in the Bahamas, just as He cares for His children everywhere. She returns home, but part of her heart stays on the beautiful island of pine trees and coral rock.


Crossing Bridges and Other Stories more info...
Crossing Bridges and Other Stories
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Price: $17.80
Caleb had just found out that his best friend was moving four thousand miles away. It was staggering news. Joseph was the only other boy his age at school, and he and Caleb did many things together. What would he do without Joseph? That question throbbed through his mind and gnawed at the pit of his stomach.

"You can't cross a bridge before you come to it," Father explained that evening.

Together, Caleb and Joseph begin to understand what Father meant. It was another lesson to learn on the journey of growing up, one that would continue to bless them throughout their lives.

Crossing Bridges and Other Stories is a collection of stories for intermediate-age children.


Daryl Borrows a Brother
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Price: $16.50


David and Susan at the Little Green House more info...
David and Susan at the Little Green House
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Price: $16.50
When Father is seriously ill and Mother must go with him to a distant hospital, David and Susan go to the Little Green House to stay with Grandfather and Grandmother. Although being at the Little Green House is enjoyable, they miss Father and Mother very much.


David and Susan at Wild Rose Cottage
List price: $26.40
Price: $18.60
You save: $7.80 (30%)


Days on the Farm with Annette and Samuel
Price: $17.80


The Family God Gave
Price: $20.10


Farming with Father more info...
Farming with Father
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Price: $15.20
When the rooster cock-a doodle-doos in the morning, Henry is soon out of bed and ready for another day on the farm--his favorite place to live. He never knows what a day will bring forth. Surprises, breakdowns, unexpected trips to town, and various emergency situations keep each new day different from the day before.


Four Days with Aunt Joanne and Other Stories
Price: $23.40


God Care for Timothy
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Price: $17.50


Gone to the Zoo
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Price: $17.80


God's Marvelous Creation more info...
God's Marvelous Creation
Price: $19.90
This book is designed to teach God's overruling power in all of His creation. The stories are told with a different emphasis than we often hear in order to focus on one main point.


Grandfather and the Ravens more info...
Grandfather and the Ravens
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Price: $6.10
With his black feathers and raucous wac, wac, wac, the raven may not be the most handsome or musical bird. But Grandfather opens his store of memories to show that while ravens can be both amusing and frustrating, they never fail to fascinate.


Hannah Is a Helper more info...
Hannah Is a Helper
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Price: $5.60
A picture book that describes a day in Hannah's life. With each picture is a simple, easy-to-read description of part of Hannah's day. Hannah learns valuable lessons in being a helper and in trusting God.


Happy Days with Pablo and Juanita
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List price: $18.90
Price: $14.40
You save: $4.50 (24%)


A Hive of Busy Bees more info...
A Hive of Busy Bees
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Price: $9.50
Don and Joyce sadly leave for Grandpa's house because of Mother's unexpected hospitalization. Experience life with them on Grandpa's farm.


I Was A Preemie
Price: $7.50


Little Amazon more info...
Little Amazon
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Price: $8.60
Have you ever thought about becoming a missionary in a strange land? Maybe you have wanted to go on a trip to visit missionaries in other countries? Some of you have already traveled to another country, but for others of you, it may seem like a dream out of reach.

Long before going to far-off places, you can begin preparing yourself. Think about that first jet ride. Or flying in a small plane and landing on a dirt track in the jungle. What about boating up a jungle river? Or hiking through the jungle to tell a man in the next village about Jesus? Little Amazon can help prepare you by following the twelve-year-old Franklin and his family as they travel to Belize.

Enjoy Franklin's adventures and think about God's plan for your life. When God calls you, will you be ready to follow Him wherever He leads you?


The Little Martins Learn to Love
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Price: $17.20


The Little Missionaries
List price: $17.10
Price: $16.20
You save: $0.90 (6%)


Little Miriam of Galilee more info...
Little Miriam of Galilee
Price: $10.40
In a story rich with the life and culture of Bible times, you'll follow Miriam and her family, and learn that God did provide. There was a miracleóbut not what they had expected.


The Little Woodchopper more info...
The Little Woodchopper
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Price: $6.50
One morning, shortly after his father's death, poor young William awakes in the middle of the forest, to find himself completely deserted through the trickery of his five heartless brothers. Left alone in the midst of strange surroundings, William turns for help to the One he had come to know as his Saviour and Friend. After two narrow escapes, he and his faithful dog, Caesar, find a lone cottage on the edge of the wood where they make a remarkable discovery.


The Master's Trade more info...
The Master's Trade
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Price: $17.30
With high hopes John Rittenhouses' parents join the surge of Mennonites into the American frontier


Markie and the Hammond Cousins more info...
Markie and the Hammond Cousins
Price: $12.00
Book 1 of The Hammond Cousins Series.


Miguel: The Shepherd Boy
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Price: $17.20


The Missing Popcorn and Other Stories
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List price: $16.50
Price: $15.20
You save: $1.30 (8%)


More Little Missionaries
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List price: $15.10
Price: $14.10
You save: $1.00 (7%)
A Sequel to the The Little Missionaries and Other Stories


My Book of Golden Times more info...
My Book of Golden Times
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Price: $8.80
In poetic narrative, this engaging and well-illustrated book teaches kindness by developing good manners. There are three sections: "Friendly Times," "Table Times," and "Tidy Times."


The Only Sister
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Price: $21.20


add to cart
Price: $12.40


Ray's Adventures With New Neighbors more info...
Ray's Adventures With New Neighbors
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Price: $17.20
Cheerful, obedient children learning daily lessons of kindness and love from their godly parents make this book a wholesome addition to the library of primary- and junior-age children.


Ricky and the Hammond Cousins - Book more info...
Ricky and the Hammond Cousins - Book
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Price: $12.00
Book 2 of The Hammond Cousins Series.


Robbie's Light more info...
Robbie's Light
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Price: $5.20
Robbie sat upon the doorstep with a pink card in his hand and his finger pointed out the words. "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."


The Robin's Secret more info...
The Robin's Secret
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Price: $18.30
Meet Jane and Roy, Father and Mother, Baby Ronald, and Grandfather and Grandmother. Learn about cat chairs, Blackie, Biddy, a hurricane, and barn owls. Why does Father tell Jane and Roy a story about a family moving?

Find out why the cattle truck came, what was under the mountain, what was special about Brother Ben and Sister Clara King. Why did the children have Sunday school in a kitchen, and what did Jane and Roy see happening in their field one evening?

Sadness, sickness, hard times, troubles, and dangers are a normal part of life. But learn with Jane and Roy about God's goodness as He gives them many pleasant surprises. Be glad with them as they find Grandfather's surprise, the robin surprise, the surprise beside the stream, Neighbor Glen's surprise, and more surprises.

This story will inspire thanksgiving for God's goodness.


Samantha's Gift more info...
Samantha's Gift
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Price: $15.20
This book is written for junior level readers. It will broaden their perspective of another land and culture. It will inspire children to be resourceful, self-sacrificing, and conscious of the needs of others.


The Shady Lawn Twins Learn Bible Truths more info...
The Shady Lawn Twins Learn Bible Truths
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Price: $10.30
John and Joy, the Shady Lawn Twins, learn a basic Bible truth in each of the eight stories in this book. They learn that sharing brings happiness, even if it means giving up a very special doll.


Shoes on the Car and Other Stories
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Price: $15.60


Sooky of the Philippines
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Price: $16.00


Special Friends at Home - Book more info...
Special Friends at Home - Book
Price: $13.00
Benjie discovered that his best friends were those nearby


Stories to Grow By
Price: $12.00


Stories From Grandma's Day more info...
Stories From Grandma's Day
Price: $17.80
59 Stories for Children


"Story Times with Grandma" Set more info...
"Story Times with Grandma" Set
add to cart
Price: $15.00
You can buy these as a set for $15 or seperately for $7.80 each. Just put a note in the customer comment section when you make your purchase.

* StoryTime with Grandma

* More StoryTimes with Grandma

Also available in audio


Summer Days with the Treelo Triplets
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Price: $17.20
The Treelo triplets' summer does not start out the best when Robin and Ronnie do not take Ruth into their secret plans. However, when they do and the three work together, their project brings some unusual events into their lives.


Winter Days with the Treelo Triplets more info...
Winter Days with the Treelo Triplets
add to cart
Price: $18.20
Sequel to Summer Days with the Treelo Triplets.

The happy summer days of playing in the tree house come to an end. Robin, Ronnie, and Ruth take their playthings from the tree house and store them for the winter. But the triplets have no time to be sad, for new experiences await them.

Their church has opened a new Christian day school, and the triplets are eager to attend. They do not miss public school and its difficulties, but they soon find that troubles can arise in a Christian school as well.

The winter days are never dull, especially when a barn catches fire and Father rushes to the rescue. Unexpected emergencies bring disappointments, and the discomfort of the chicken pox is forgotten in some unusual surprises. Storm winds bring tons of snow, until the Treelo family is firmly encased in a world of white.

With their faithful Christian parents to guide them, the triplets have a happy and enjoyable winter.

Written for 6- to 12-year-olds.


Summer of the Calves
Price: $13.00
With only a small amount of land, Nelsonís family cannot have much of a farm. But they can have calves! Then one day, a policeman stops by and tells them otherwise.


Tattletale Sparkie and Other Stories more info...
Tattletale Sparkie and Other Stories
Price: $17.80
The twins, Allen and Alice run down the dusty lane to Mr. Brown's wheat field. There, sitting on a big, flat rock, they contemplate doing something that they question is right for them to do.

When Sparkie and kind Mr Brown find them, they are filled with shame that they have yielded to the temptation. This is one of the thirty-five well-written stories for little children that make up this book.

A wide variety of lessons are taught such as kindness, sharing, helpfulness, unselfishness, being content, dependable, trusting in God for our needs. Many other Biblical principles are given simple, practical application for the spiritual nurture of young readers.

The story settings portray warm family relationships, and friendships in which proper values and respect are taught. The characters are normal, true-to-life children whose activities will hold interest of the young reader.

Attractively illustrated, this book provides a delightful way to instill truths for God's Word in the preschool and primary age group.


Wildlife on the Farm more info...
Wildlife on the Farm
add to cart
Price: $15.50
For Marlin and Mervin, life on the farm is full of new and interesting events. Baby ducklings on a pond, an owl in the silo, and a rabbit family in the back yard are all a part of life on the farm.

The boys learn that a fish cannot live out of water and that a dog must be taught good habits while it is young.

They enjoy a box turtle in the garden while they share in the work on the busy farm.

Kindness, honesty, respect, and a love for God are carefully woven into this story of farm life.

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