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But Daddy, Why Did It Hurt?
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List price: $9.70
Price: $6.90
You save: $2.80 (29%)
This is a story about a little boy who lives in South America, in the country of Paraguay.


California Home more info...
California Home
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Price: $20.80
Join Olive as she and her family experience excitement, fear, and tragedy in their California home.


Chicken Chores and Open Doors more info...
Chicken Chores and Open Doors
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Price: $20.80
Paul learns to walk with God


Cornfield Baby more info...
Cornfield Baby
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Price: $17.20
Something interesting is often happening at Raber Acres, nestled at the foot of Stony Mountain in eastern Pennsylvania. Happy surprises lurk in hidden places, waiting to be found by the seven-year-old twins, Wendall and Randall.


Cousins All Around more info...
Cousins All Around
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Price: $19.50
Join the nine cousins for a year of growing and learning!


Cicada Summer
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List price: $27.50
Price: $19.90
You save: $7.60 (28%)


Come Along to the Bahamas more info...
Come Along to the Bahamas
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Price: $13.70
From the first thrilling ride in a jet to the reluctant return home ten days later, each new experience is filled with excitement and interest. Eleven-year-old Deanna tells the story of this first trip to visit Andros Island, where her brother and his wife are missionaries.

Getting lost in the Nassau airport... Tossing about in the air currents, riding in a small plane from Nassau to Andros... Learning to relate to a different culture... Picking ripe bananas for snacks... Ants... Going to school in an "air-conditioned" one-room schoolhouse... Eating rice and fish, and fish and rice... Snakes and frogs... Birds that scream in the night and buzzards that wear aprons... Catching crabs... The beautiful blue-green ocean, crystal-clear to the bottom... Friendly natives... Noises in the night... Sunshine and rain surprises.

Through every experience, Deanna and her family sense the loving hand of God, leading and caring for His children in the Bahamas, just as He cares for His children everywhere. She returns home, but part of her heart stays on the beautiful island of pine trees and coral rock.


Crossing Bridges and Other Stories more info...
Crossing Bridges and Other Stories
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Price: $17.80
Caleb had just found out that his best friend was moving four thousand miles away. It was staggering news. Joseph was the only other boy his age at school, and he and Caleb did many things together. What would he do without Joseph? That question throbbed through his mind and gnawed at the pit of his stomach.

"You can't cross a bridge before you come to it," Father explained that evening.

Together, Caleb and Joseph begin to understand what Father meant. It was another lesson to learn on the journey of growing up, one that would continue to bless them throughout their lives.

Crossing Bridges and Other Stories is a collection of stories for intermediate-age children.

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