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Summer Days with the Treelo Triplets
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Price: $17.20
The Treelo triplets' summer does not start out the best when Robin and Ronnie do not take Ruth into their secret plans. However, when they do and the three work together, their project brings some unusual events into their lives.


Winter Days with the Treelo Triplets more info...
Winter Days with the Treelo Triplets
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Price: $18.20
Sequel to Summer Days with the Treelo Triplets.

The happy summer days of playing in the tree house come to an end. Robin, Ronnie, and Ruth take their playthings from the tree house and store them for the winter. But the triplets have no time to be sad, for new experiences await them.

Their church has opened a new Christian day school, and the triplets are eager to attend. They do not miss public school and its difficulties, but they soon find that troubles can arise in a Christian school as well.

The winter days are never dull, especially when a barn catches fire and Father rushes to the rescue. Unexpected emergencies bring disappointments, and the discomfort of the chicken pox is forgotten in some unusual surprises. Storm winds bring tons of snow, until the Treelo family is firmly encased in a world of white.

With their faithful Christian parents to guide them, the triplets have a happy and enjoyable winter.

Written for 6- to 12-year-olds.


Summer of the Calves
Price: $13.00
With only a small amount of land, Nelsonís family cannot have much of a farm. But they can have calves! Then one day, a policeman stops by and tells them otherwise.


Tattletale Sparkie and Other Stories more info...
Tattletale Sparkie and Other Stories
Price: $17.80
The twins, Allen and Alice run down the dusty lane to Mr. Brown's wheat field. There, sitting on a big, flat rock, they contemplate doing something that they question is right for them to do.

When Sparkie and kind Mr Brown find them, they are filled with shame that they have yielded to the temptation. This is one of the thirty-five well-written stories for little children that make up this book.

A wide variety of lessons are taught such as kindness, sharing, helpfulness, unselfishness, being content, dependable, trusting in God for our needs. Many other Biblical principles are given simple, practical application for the spiritual nurture of young readers.

The story settings portray warm family relationships, and friendships in which proper values and respect are taught. The characters are normal, true-to-life children whose activities will hold interest of the young reader.

Attractively illustrated, this book provides a delightful way to instill truths for God's Word in the preschool and primary age group.


Wildlife on the Farm more info...
Wildlife on the Farm
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Price: $15.50
For Marlin and Mervin, life on the farm is full of new and interesting events. Baby ducklings on a pond, an owl in the silo, and a rabbit family in the back yard are all a part of life on the farm.

The boys learn that a fish cannot live out of water and that a dog must be taught good habits while it is young.

They enjoy a box turtle in the garden while they share in the work on the busy farm.

Kindness, honesty, respect, and a love for God are carefully woven into this story of farm life.

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