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A Chunk of Asphalt and other stories for children more info...
A Chunk of Asphalt and other stories for children
Price: $5.10
Some of the stories teach simple virtues such as honesty, thankfulness, and kindness. Others tell accounts of house searches, questionings, and other harassment during the time when Uzbekistan was under the rule of the Soviet Union.


Across the Hedge with Aunt Merry more info...
Across the Hedge with Aunt Merry
Price: $12.00
A storybook teaching the common courtesies to primary-aged children.


Adventures of Mohan
Price: $15.20


Betsey's Wishes
Price: $19.50
A story from Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Betsey Fretz was a dreamy, wishful girl of ten. Her days were filled with the routine tasks that belonged to a girl in 1803. She and her five lively sisters helped their mother around the house and their father in the flax fields.

Secure in the love and guidance of her godly parents, Betsey knew that she was blessed. All the same, when she compared her life with others, it was hard to be content. Betsey had many wishes, but her greatest longing was to have a new dress of her very own, one that had not been passed down to her from an older sister.

But dresses began as tiny flaxseeds sown into the fresh April soil. Months of labor must pass before the women can even begin to spin the silky, soft flax fibers into linen thread. New dresses were hard-won treasures, made only for those who needed them.


Betty's Secret and Other Stories more info...
Betty's Secret and Other Stories
Price: $16.60
Betty's secret helps her to have a happy time with her brother. That secret will work for every boy or girl who makes the choice that Betty made. What do you think that secret is?


Bible Truths With Aunt Martha more info...
Bible Truths With Aunt Martha
Price: $9.50
In a time when many question the truth of God's Word, the author reminds us of seven Biblical ordinances, woven into stories children can understand and adults can appreciate.

This book will help God's people remember what Jesus did for us, and refresh in our minds the principles He taught. Read and be strengthened.


Bread for the Winter more info...
Bread for the Winter
Price: $8.60
The year is 1936. Reports circulate that the Russian government workers are moving from village to village, seizing anything of value for the motherland. Would they come to the Brothers' Village and take everything? What would be left to eat the coming winter? In Bread for the Winter, eight-year-old Pavel learns from his godly parents what Jesus meant when He said, "Love your enemies..."


Building with Daddy more info...
Building with Daddy
Price: $9.20
Work and play merge together as Christopher watches Daddy build and deliver a mini barn for Mrs. Huffman, and recruits sister for a barn-building project of his own.

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