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Missionary Stories with the Millers more info...
Missionary Stories with the Millers
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Price: $16.00
Experience thrilling adventure as the Christian missionaries on these pages meet witch doctors, disease, drought, hate-filled guerillas, a Bible thief and killer cats!
Shipping freight: $5.00


Prudence and the Millers more info...
Prudence and the Millers
Price: $15.50
Join the Miller children as they learn about health, safety, and courtesy...from the Bible! Each story includes a Scripture passage and illustrates various aspects of prudent living.
Shipping freight: $2.00


School Days with the Millers more info...
School Days with the Millers
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Price: $15.50
Here comes the Miller family again, with another set of stories which apply Biblical truths to everyday living! Whether your children attend a church school or a home school, they will enjoy and learn from these true-to-life, character building chapters.
Shipping freight: $2.00


Wisdom and the Millers - Proverbs for Children more info...
Wisdom and the Millers - Proverbs for Children
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Price: $14.50
Make Proverbs come alive for the children in your home, church, or school! Here is a character building collection of lively, inspirational stories. Each chapter explains and illustrates a passage from the book of Proverbs, along with a story based on true life experiences.
Shipping freight: $2.00


*NEW*Growing with the Millers more info...
*NEW*Growing with the Millers
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Price: $14.50
Gather around the table with Sharon, Peter, Timmy, Laura and Beth Miller, and read about how Timmy saves an elderly neighbor's life, Sharon teaches summer Bible school, Peter shoots the wrong deer, Sioux Indians return good for evil, and much more! As always, each "Miller" story is based on true incidents and illustrates verses from Scripture.
Shipping freight: $2.00


Storytime with the Millers more info...
Storytime with the Millers
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Price: $14.00
Respect, responsibility, obedience, kindness, and humility are taught in a refreshingly direct and enjoyable way in this book.
Shipping freight: $2.00


Working with Wisdom workbook more info...
Working with Wisdom workbook
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Price: $12.00
Working with Wisdom is a companion book for Wisdom and the Millers. Help your child learn wisdom's ways with this enjoyable workbook.
Shipping freight: $2.00


Character Companion for the Miller Family Series more info...
Character Companion for the Miller Family Series
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Price: $11.70
This storybook is a companion to the storybooks in the Miller Family Series. It is designed to help children of all ages apply the truth of God's word to their daily lives. You can make this workbook adaptable to various ages by using some or all of the activities.

* 50 character qualities to instill into your child's life!

* Related Bible verses to build on

* Stories from each of the first five Miller Family storybooks to reinforce the character quality (Growing with the Millers is not referenced, as it was published later)

* Synonym and Antonym exercises

* Character quality matching exercises

* Word building practice

* Opportunities to expound Scripture

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